Joni E. Prince, Ph.D.

Joni E. Prince, Clinical PsychologistClinical Psychologist

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As a Clinical Psychologist, I work with those who have a broad spectrum of psychological and emotional issues. Anxiety, depression and grief are frequent reasons people come to see me for therapy. Working with individuals following trauma, often those with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder, is something I’ve been doing for many years. Couples therapy was a focus in my training and a modality of treatment I enjoy as it brings people together to openly discuss those things occurring in their relationship, sometimes after years of conflict or silence.

I believe people can successfully work through their problems and I use cognitive-behavioral techniques and interpersonal development to help them do this. My style is interactive and direct with an initial focus on understanding the problem, the person, and their situation. Most importantly, the development of a positive relationship between us is key to working through difficult issues.

My clinical training was at the University of Georgia, in the Clinical Psychology program, with an internship at the Medical College of Georgia/VA Consortium. I’ve been in private practice for fourteen years.

I stay current and knowledgeable through strong involvement with the professional community. I’ve served on the Board of Directors of the Georgia Psychological Association for nine years and work as a representative to the American Psychological Association on workplace issues. I am a Past President of the Georgia Psychological Association.